Thursday, September 8, 2016

NBC Interview Of Trump and Clinton

The interview with Donald Trump was like most interviews with The Donald.  He changed the subject in response to most of the questions that were asked.  When he did respond to a question he told a lie and the interviewer was not informed enough about the question he raised to criticize Trump's response.  The interview with Clinton was much different.  The interview focused on her use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State.  She spent one third of the interview providing answers to follow on questions from the interviewer on each response.  Apparently, the email issue, which has been covered thoroughly in Congress, and by the FBI, has not been fully vetted.  No answers on this topic will satisfy those who believe that Clinton should be sent to prison.  Besides most of the questions have already been answered by the alt-right media.  They have no interest in truth telling.  The interviewer played right into their hands by devoting so much of the interview to the email issue.  This does not auger well for the Clinton and Trump debates that will be held prior to the election.  Trump will continue to change the subject on questions that he does not like and he will use each opportunity to criticize Clinton.

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