Monday, June 10, 2013

Meet The Whistleblower

The whistle blower (via Manan Shukla) who leaked information about domestic surveillance by NSA explains why he did so.  He gave up a high paying job working within the intelligence community to tell his story because he believes that the public should be in a position to decide whether this is the kind of society that they want. The capabilities of our security organizations are improving rapidly along with new technologies.  The behavior of the intelligence organizations are limited primarily by policies that are put in force by the executive branch.  Under existing laws those policies could easily be changed by an executive who believed that it was in the best interest of government to extend its operations into uncharted waters.

He hopes that a better informed public will take actions to deter the expansion of domestic intelligence gathering but he also recognizes that the public may do nothing about the problem.  Many believe that intelligence gathering is only against our enemies.  They do not understand how they might be threatened by a government that has the capability of monitoring all of their communications.  I'm quite certain that this post will be flagged and that everyone who reads the post will also flagged.  Under most circumstances nothing bad will happen as a result.  That could change, however, depending upon the policies put in place by the executive branch of government.

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