Saturday, April 23, 2016

George Will Unites Climate Policy With Authoritarian Progressivism

The Washington Post provides George Will with a platform to instruct his readers, which includes those who read his syndicated articles in small town newspapers, on the evils of progressivism.  In case you wonder what progressivism is George Will defined it in this article.  This allowed him to kill two birds with the same stone.  Most of his readers have been told that progressives are evil people who are often in positions of authority.  In this case, they have abused their authority by attacking energy companies for misleading the public on the link between carbon emissions and climate change.  Most of his readers have been taught, by George Will and others, to deny the relationship between carbon emissions and climate change.  They will be reinforced in their belief by George Will who has connected climate change activism with something else that they hate.  That is, progressivism and the political Party which they identify with the progressive policies that they have been taught to hate.  This article is pure propaganda written under the guise of libertarianism.  It is directed toward a well defined segment of the Republican Party.

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