Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This Is Your President

The people who should be reading this editorial by the NYT will be reading Breitbart News, watching Fox News and listening to hysterics on talk radio.  They have been insulated from information provided by media sources that have guided our nation for decades.  The real fake new services in our nation have convinced them that news which must pass editorial reviews, and is produced by trained journalists,  only tells them lies about our liar- in- chief who creates chaos in the White House.  However, the newspaper of record in the US continues to do its job in this editorial.  It offers a brief history of the person that we put in the White House.  It is not at all surprising that his tainted character and his personality disorder has followed him to the White House where he has been trying to run our nation with his Twitter account.  This was not an easy decision by the editors.  I can't recall another time in our recent history when reputable news sources like the NYT and the Washington Post have called a sitting US president a liar who is unfit to be in the White House.  This may not affect those who support this president but it serves an important purpose.  It sets the historical record straight and it will be read by future generations who will be studying an era in which a tyrant was provided with the powers of the presidency.  They will also learn about the real fake news sources that aided and abetted Donald Trump; the cowardice of the Republicans in congress and the billionaires who fund the fake news and the campaigns of both political parties.

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