Saturday, June 23, 2018

George Will Tells His Readers To Vote Democratic In Novermber

George Will is regarded as Mr. Conservative by the millions of readers who read his syndicated column in the Washington Post.  He has finally realized that Trump is not a conservative and that the Republican congress has been unwilling to carry out its duty to defend the Constitution.  That failure led him to tell his readers not to vote for Republicans in midterm elections.  He can't bring himself to tell his readers to vote for Democrats this fall, but they have no other choice if they agree with Will's description of Trumpism and Trump's contempt for truth and the rule of law.  Will is highly respected among traditional conservatives.  Many of them will find it difficult to vote for Republicans who have abandoned conservatism, and who are unwilling to defend the Constitution against Trump's efforts to consolidate his political power at the expense of congressional authority.  Of course,  many  Republicans are not really traditional conservatives like George Will.  They are better described as anti-liberals than anything else. 

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