Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Romney's Budget More Radical Than Ryan's

This analysis of the budgets proposed by Romney, Ryan and Obama shows that Ryan's budget is not that different from Obama's, and that Romney's budget is more draconian than Ryan's.  Both of the republicans would reduce the percent of federal spending in relation to GDP from its historical average.  Obama's budget would increase the percentage.  Primarily because an aging population is more expensive to care for. 

Both Romney and Ryan would increase spending on defense.  Romney's increase is greater than Ryan's which is higher than Obama's.  Romney and Ryan have backed away from changes to Social Security and Medicare spending but they propose cuts in non-defense discretionary spending.  Romney's cuts are much larger than Ryan's.  Obama proposes cuts in this area that are closer to those proposed by Ryan.  Romney's proposed cuts would dramatically reduce the ability of the federal government to invest in the future.

Cuts to Medicaid are proposed by Romney and Ryan, while Medicaid spending would by increased under Obama's Affordable Care Act.

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