Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Romney's Views On Environmental Policy

This article contrasts Mitt Romney's positions on protecting the environment from those of past administrations and some of those from the Obama administration.  The good news is that Romney is not a global warming denier.  He admits that it is a problem and that humans contribute to the problem.  The bad news is that he continues to say almost anything to please voters in energy producing states and consumers of energy who worry about rising prices for energy due to the cost of compliance with regulations.  He also attributes the regulations to Obama, when in fact, most were put in place by prior administrations. Moreover, he accuses Obama of adding 140,000 new government jobs for environmental regulators.  In fact, most of the new government jobs have been for defense and homeland security.  He continues to adhere to a campaign philosophy that is based upon the idea that he can lie about almost anything and get away with it.  The press may correct some of his statements, just like the reporter in this article has done.  On the other hand, the number of people who will see his statements on TV outnumbers the number of people who will read this article by a wide margin.  One might call this an application cost-benefit analysis to truthfulness.

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