Thursday, July 11, 2013

US Department Of Energy Warns About Impact Of Climate Change On Energy Systems

The report by the US Department Of Energy listed the numerous ways in which climate change is affecting the US energy systems.  Last year was the warmest year in US history and last July was the warmest July in recorded history.  The costs to the energy system are currently measured in the billions.  In the future they will be measured in the trillions if nothing is done to reduce the impact of climate change on our entire energy system. 

One would think that a report like this from the Department Of Energy would raise concerns and spur action.  President Obama's recent speech on climate change indicated that he is aware of the problems discussed in the report.  His speech was immediately attacked, however, by politicians and right wing opinion leaders who oppose everything that the president proposes.  Opposition to climate change policies has become a long term platform in one of our major political parties.

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