Friday, July 5, 2013

Why The US Should Not Cut Carbon Emissions

Charles Krauthammer is one of several neo-conservative opinion writers on the Washington Post.  He is also a familiar figure on TV news shows.  He helped to shape public opinion in support of the US invasion of Iraq.  In this article he attacks Obama's declaration of war against global warming.  His logic is a bit convoluted.  He provides several reasons for denying that our planet is warming.  After all, many of his readers are global warming deniers, but he also claims that he is not a denier himself.  This causes him to look for other reasons to oppose the president's plan.  He argues that the president's plan will be bad for the US economy, and that it is really a war against coal miners.  It does not make sense for the US to bear this economic burden when the rest of the world will not follow our lead.  In other words, global warming is a global problem that can't be resolved at the national level.  Unfortunately, he also argues that international efforts to combat global warming have been failures.  Consequently, the only reasonable policy is to do nothing.  We can't do it alone, and we can't lead an international effort to solve a problem that may not be a real problem to many of his readers.  He has logic chopped his way to the perfect conclusion.  President Obama is a foolish person for announcing a plan to solve an unsolvable problem that may not exist.  Krauthammer is a real genius. 

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