Saturday, August 17, 2013

What Did We Really Learn From Edward Snowden's Leaks?

A lot of people would like to frame the NSA leaks as a violation of national security by a criminal.  This article suggests the Edward Snowden is a product of our modern concept of the organization.  We have intentionally moved from a system in which employees were loyal to the organization in return for the loyalty of the organization to the employee, to a system in which loyalty to the employee or to the organization no longer exists.  Over 70% of the work done for our national security enterprises is done by contract employees who have no loyalty to NSA, or to the firm that employs them.  In this kind of environment the only form of security that exists is the rigor of employee supervision.  Welcome to the brave new world of the flexible labor force and the liquid organization.  Each is a commodity that can be bought and sold.

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