Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A New Film About The Selling Of Climate Change Denial

The Merchants of Doubt has just been released.  It is a documentary which features one of the marketeers who has been hired to create doubt about the human contribution to climate change.  The featured marketeer, who had previously worked for Rush Limbaugh, and the senator from Oklahoma who represents the oil interests in his state,  is very good at his job.  He understands his role and he has been successful at creating doubt within a substantial segment of of the polity.  He has been helped by the media which provides a platform for climate science denialists under the assumption that both sides of the story are reasonable.  The producer of the documentary does not believe that his film will change the opinions of those who belong to the "flat earth society".  His audience is the large segment of Americans have been confused by the marketeers who lie to them.  The lying is pretty apparent in the documentary and the producer believes that the confused segment of the population will be less confused after viewing the film.

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