Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why The US Should Bomb Iran????

John Bolton served in the Bush Administration where he took the position that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction and that only a military attack would keep that from happening.  Today he is arguing that we should bomb Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.  Bolton refuses to admit that he was wrong about Iraq's efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction and that the war would be quick and inexpensive.  Bolton is a Senior Fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.  The AEI link includes Bolton's frequent comments on Fox News.  His status at AEI provide him with a platform at the Wall Street Jourmal as well as the liberal New York Times.  His dismal record in the Bush Administration has not tarnished his image as a foreign policy expert and as critic of every policy introduced by the Obama Administration.  He is anxiously preparing for the GOP attack on Hillary Clinton if she wins the Democratic nomination for 2016.

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