Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Donald Trump And The Split In The Republican Media

Bruce Bartlett has been a Republican insider since the Reagan Administration.  He reviews the advent of the libertarian movement in the GOP, and he describes how David Koch transformed a grass roots populist movement into the Tea Party.  The Tea Party controls primary campaigns and it threatens to run an opposition candidate in primaries against any GOP incumbent who violates oneof its sacred principles.  Its goal is to transform the Republican Party into the Tea Party.  Donald Trump has been winning support from Tea Partiers, but there has been a split in Republican media.  The Republican TV news channel had supported Donald Trump but he offended some of the Fox propagandists in the debate that it sponsored.  However, the most important talk radio shows that misinform Tea Partiers have defended Trump.  Trump's future will be determined by how the major sources of conservative propaganda respond to his bombast. Despite the split in the Republican media, Trump is still ahead in the most recent polls.

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