Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Psychological Explanation For Trump's Appeal To Many Voters

Trump won the GOP primary by mounting a war against political correctness.  In many ways he ignited the resentment than many feel against cultural and social liberalism.  Much of the anti-government sentiment in the US is related to the civil rights movement which has been supported by the federal government.  Trump did not conduct a policy debate during the GOP primary campaign.  Those who focused on policy issues dropped out of the race quickly.  For example, Trump dismissed Jeb Bush as weak and boring. He certainly was in comparison to Trump.  Eventually only "lying" Ted Cruz, who appealed primarily to a narrow segment of the anti-liberal GOP base, and a conventional Republican governor from Ohio remained in the race.  They were unable to stop the Trump steamroller.  Attention is now turning to the November presidential election.  This article attempts to explain why Trump has been immune to rational criticism of his scattered policy proposals.  His supporters don't care whether his policy proposals will do what he claims.  They respond to him because he appears to share their resentments and he is willing to say things that other politicians disguised with code words.  It will be interesting to see whether disclosures about Trump's business practices have any impact on his popularity.

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