Friday, June 3, 2016

Paul Ryan Endorses Trump

The Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives has been a favorite of the Washington Post editors.  The Post has admired his efforts to balance the federal budget for many years. Its editorial board also applauded the principles that appeared to uphold when he chose not to endorse Donald Trump's presidential campaign.  It turns out the Paul Ryan puts Party loyalty over whatever principles he seemed to have.  This Post editorial explains its disappointment in one its favorite politicians.  It argues that a Trump presidency would be terrible for the nation and that winning the presidential election is more important to Ryan than the national interest.

Ryan defends his decision by arguing the President Trump would assist him in passing legislation that he has promoted for many years.  The implication is that Trump, who has opposed many of Ryan's policies, will turn his back on those who helped him win the election after he is elected.  The other possibility is that Ryan is not the principled politician that the Post editors has imagined him to be.  Personal integrity may not be any more important to Ryan than it is to Trump. 

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