Friday, March 31, 2017

Why Trump's Secretary Of State Is Wise To Avoid Speaking To The Press

Donald Trump is foxy.  He criticized President Obama for letting the press know that he planned  an attack on an ISIS occupied city.  He claimed that Obama allowed ISIS to prepare for the attack.  He was too smart to provide advance warning to ISIS.  Of course, that assumes that ISIS was too stupid to otherwise prepare a defense for the city.  Trump's new secretary of state Rex Tillerson is also as foxy as Trump.  He claims that he does not allow the press to travel with him as he tours the globe because he does not want our enemies to know what our plans are.

A professor at the Fletcher School Of Law And Diplomacy once criticized Tillerson for taking that position with the press.  He now argues that it was a good idea. 

However, his reason for declaring it a good idea was not favorable to Tillerson.  He lists all of the mistakes that Tillerson has been making as he attempts to learn that his job is not like his job as the CEO of Exxon.  He then concludes that its best that his mistakes are less visible to the rest of the world.

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