Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What Would Happen If Trump Really Shot A Person On Fifth Avenue?

I returned home from a trip to Europe just in time to read Tom Friedman's description of how Trump's people would deal with the murder.  Trump once claimed that his base would stick with him even if he did shoot a person on Fifth Avenue in NYC.  Of course, Trump would not really shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue, but Friedman described how Fox News,  Republicans in Congress and other Trumpians might handle the event.  His description was meant to be funny but it was also meant to be serious.  We have probably come  to place where truth does not exist and institutions that were designed to protect our democracy are under a serious attack elsewhere in the western world.  Trump's role model is Vladimir Putin and Trump would love to run the US like Putin runs Russia. Friedman argues that the "Russianification" of the US is underway and that it will be difficult to stop that process.  Unfortunately, the only way to stop that process is to defeat Republicans in the coming elections.  The Republican Party appears to be perfectly happy with the destruction of our democracy as long as they can retain their jobs in Congress.  A one party system is what they have been after for a long time.  Trump has given them the opportunity to make that happen.  Many old fashioned Republicans may not believe this but Friedman describes how Republican leaders are moving into the Trump camp Republican donors are happily funding the process.  They will do very well operating as oligarchs under the Trump political party.

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