Saturday, September 1, 2018

They Came To Honor McCain And Bury The Republican Party

Donald Trump has taken command of the Republican Party by capturing a substantial portion of the Republican base.  They can't win primary elections if Trump turns his base against candidates that do not bow down before him.  They also depend upon votes from Trump's base in general elections.  They can't win general elections either without a big turnout from dedicated Trumpians.  Trump's dominance of the Republican Party was put on full display by the senator from South Carolina who once had a backbone with support from John McCain.  The new Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News to demonstrate his loyalty to his new boss.  He only needed to study Trump's tweets to answer the questions that he was asked.  Three Republican leaders were invited to speak at the ceremony for John McCain.  Trump, of course, was not invited to attend, or to speak at the ceremony, however, the three Republican leaders who spoke at the ceremony have aligned themselves, and the Republican Party, with the demagogue who controls a substantial portion of the Republican base as well as many of the major donors to Republican campaigns.  The Republican Party exists only in name.  It is not your father's Republican Party; it is Donald Trump's party. 

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