Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Republican Strategy For Mid-Term Elections Is Not About Policy

The Republican Party passed a tax bill that primarily benefited wealthy voters.  They intended to run their election campaign on the tax bill by arguing that it was designed to help the middle class.  That strategy has worked for many years.  The GOP has learned that it is not working this year.  They have moved to a new strategy.  The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF),  has raised $100 million to spend on the mid-term elections.  This article describes the thrust of their ad campaign.  They have switched to misleading and false personal attacks on Democratic candidates. 

Paul Ryan has used his position as the House majority leader to raise funds for the CLF.  He is retiring from a Republican Congress this November that he had led on the traditional GOP policies of cutting taxes for the rich which increased the federal budget deficit.  He then proposed cuts in social welfare programs to pay for the tax cuts.  His last goodbye from his leadership position is to bless the CLF strategy that worked for Donald Trump.  The basic idea is to get voters at GOP rallies to shout "lock them up" at Republican rallies.

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