Thursday, January 6, 2011

The GOP House Begins the Healthcare War

The GOP House has begun its effort to restore the American economy. It has decided to do this by going to work on the 2012 election cycle. They realize that it is impossible to repeal the healthcare reform bill since the Democratic Senate will reject any bill that they propose, but they believe that continuing their attack on the Obama administration is the red meat that their base will respond to. I believe that this will actually improve Democratic chances for 2012. First, it shows that the GOP's priorities are wrong. Its the economy stupid. Secondly, the Dem's will do what they failed to do during the healthcare debate. They will point out the benefits that the plan provides to most Americans that the GOP wants to eliminate. They will also argue that the CBO believes that repealing the plan will cost billions and increase long-term deficits. This is another chance for the Dem's to show that the GOP is not really concerned with budget deficits.

The second prong in the GOP House's attack will be rule changes that gives Jim Ryan, and his budget committee, authority to attack the Obama budget under the pretense that their plan will reduce the deficit. The Dem's can attack the rule changes and they can show that deficit reduction is not the real purpose of Ryan's attack on the Obama budget since his plan increases the deficit by over $1 trillion by the use of gimmicks that can be easily made apparent.

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