Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inside the Clinton Administration As Key to Understanding Obama's Next Two Years

This link is to an article written for the New Republic that it chose not to publish. It is about Gene Sperling's work in the Clinton administration. Sperling has just been appointed to the Obama cabinet so it is important to know more about him. However, I found it as a valuable lesson about the Clinton administration and the almost impossible job or being the president in a severely divided political environment. When Clinton took office the GOP blocked his efforts to invest in needed programs by claiming that they would lead to large budget deficits. Later, when there were large budget surpluses, the GOP had to find new reasons to block Clinton's programs. Sperling may be just the person that Obama needs to deal with a hypocritical GOP. In any case, those who are interested in learning more about how government really works will find this article very worthwhile.


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