Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bill Gates' Dream

Bill Gates has been using some of his enormous wealth to fund projects that would solve many of our problems.  His pet project is described in this article.  He believes that reducing the cost of energy is the best approach to poverty reduction.  He is betting that it is possible to turn the stock of waste material from nuclear reactors into fuel for the next generation of reactors.  It is a long term project that would not typically be funded by venture capitalists who seek a faster return on their investments.  If the project is successful the cost of energy will be reduced substantially and it will also help to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  It will also reduce carbon emissions by limiting the use of fossil fuels in the production of electrical power.  China is the most likely candidate for building the first reactor that converts nuclear waste into energy.  China has the greatest need for new sources of energy and it invests much more money into infrastructure than other countries.

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