Monday, September 30, 2013

The Risks Of A Government Shutdown And A Paucity of Solutions

Paul Krugman describes the risks that we face if the radicals in the GOP are allowed to continue the game of "chicken" that they seem to be enjoying.  For many of them, no government at all is better than an elected government that does not share their ideology.  The GOP is a coalition of plutocrats, that benefit from its economic policies, and members of the Tea Party who are primarily inflamed by hatred of the President that we elected. One possibility is that the plutocrats, who are more aware of the implications of government shutdown,  will be able to influence GOP representatives that are dependent upon the Tea Party element in their districts.  It would appear, at present, that the schizophrenia in the GOP is not amenable to any form of therapy.  We may be in for a long period of craziness. Hatred is powerful emotion that many GOP politicians hope to harness for their benefit. 

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