Saturday, November 8, 2014

Elizabeth Warren's Agenda Has Not Been On The Agenda Of Either Political Party

Senator Warren has been a lonely voice in the Democratic Party.  She describes the issues which she believes to be the real issues that the public would like Washington to address.  They used to be part of the Democratic Party's platform.  Its not clear that the Democratic Party could be successful with an old fashioned populist agenda today but it may be worth a try.  The GOP has a tried and true agenda of cutting taxes and reducing budget deficits by cuts in government spending on programs that benefit less fortunate Americans, especially if they are the wrong kind of people.  The Democratic candidates in the mid-term elections had little to say about the issues that bother Senator Warren and many Americans.  Its hard to raise campaign contributions with that message and the media don't want to touch it either.  Their business is dependent upon advertising revenues which come from the same folks who fund the election campaigns.  That may explain why the public, which bitterly opposed the Wall Street bailout, voted for the political party that opposes the laws that were passed to reduce the systemic risk that still prevails on Wall Street.  The GOP has successfully made its opposition to Wall Street reform part of its anti-government agenda. Frankly, its not easy to be pro-government when public respect for government has fallen to new lows.  If there were more Elizabeth Warrens in the Democratic Party there might be some hope for a party without an economic message.

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