Thursday, November 27, 2014

Obama's Environmental Legacy Based Upon 1970 Law

This article describes how President Obama is using the Clean Air Act, which was passed in 1970, to empower the Environment Protection Agency to reshape the production of electricity.  Rules imposed by the EPA will spell the end of coal as the source of energy.  EPA rules will also require the auto industry to produce more energy efficient cars by 2025.

The Clean Air Act was approved by the Senate without a single dissent from the Republicans.  It was also used by two Republican presidents to limit air pollution.  Unfortunately, the Republican Party has been purchased by the most reactionary sectors of the US economy.  It no longer represents the national interest.  It gets the majority of its funding from the energy sector and it has been working hard to link the use of coal and oil to lower energy prices and job creation.  It has also aligned itself with a variety of media outlets to misinform the public about the risk of global warming and the impact of pollutants on the health of US citizens.

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