Friday, November 14, 2014

Paul Krugman Explains Why The Climate Agreement With China Is Really Important

The carbon emission agreement between the US and China is not perfect but it removes an objection that is used by Republicans to defend their friends in the energy industry.  Krugman recites the line of arguments used by the political party, that might be better known as the "Screw the Planet Party".  It is clearly not a conservative party because it does not want to preserve the planet for future generations.  It is more concerned about winning elections and preserving the campaign contributions that it receives from businesses that place the value of the energy reserves on their balance sheets above anything else.  The 2016 elections will be a battle over the future of our planet.

We are more than familiar with the arguments that have put into the mouths of Republican leaders by  the reactionary industries that support them.  Krugman restates the obvious objections to their claims. However, the agreement with China shows that its leaders have a real concern about the damages that are being done to their environment today.  The Republicans can no longer claim that a global policy on carbon emissions is not possible because China will not comply with any agreement.  Krugman also shows how tariffs can be use enforce global agreements.   

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