Sunday, February 22, 2015

Major Climate Change Denialist Funded By Corporate Interests

The research papers, which attempt to link climate change to solar events, have been funded by corporations that use this research to raise doubts about the link between human behavior and climate change.  The scientist failed to disclose the sources of his funding as required by the academic journals.  Conservative media refer to him as a Harvard astrophysicist and his research is often cited by politicians linked the fossil fuel industry.  The scientist is not an astrophysicist, and he is not employed by Harvard.  His research, and his salary, are totally funded by corporate interests who use his research to maintain a degree of doubt within the science community about the link between human behavior and climate change.  The tobacco industry used that strategy for many years about the link between smoking and cancer. 

It should not surprise anyone that the photo of the "scientist" in this article places him at the Heritage Foundation.  Heritage is funded by some of the same corporate groups that fund the chief spokesperson for the solar activity link to climate change.  It is one of many "think tanks" which employ a variety of academics who depend upon them for employment.  The donors to these "think tanks" are able to deduct their contributions from their taxes because the IRS allows them to be identified as "educational" institutions.

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