Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The President's Budget Proposal Provides Details For A More Inclusive Economy

The best way to evaluate any government is to examine its budget.  A government defines itself by tax policies which provide details about how much money it intends to raise;  where the money will come from, and where the money will be spent.  The Obama budget does exactly that.  It tax policies are more progressive and more of the spending will benefit families that have been left behind.  The budget provides the framework that focus the 2016 elections on issues that are important to middle class households.  The Republican Party will not like the Obama budget but they will be forced to come up with a better proposal for a more inclusive economy.  They will do their best to obscure the issues but the public will have an opportunity to compare its proposals with a very clear plan which provides details on how the Democratic Party plans to increase the inclusiveness of the economy.

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