Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The US Chamber Of Commerce As A Global Pro-Cancer Organization

The US Chamber of Commerce has subsidiaries across the globe.  It is the largest lobby organization in the world.  This article describes the role that chamber is playing to protect the interests of the tobacco industry.  It is working directly against the efforts of the World Health Organization to protect the health of children.  Tobacco smoking a major cause of cancer and other health problems.  The US Chamber of Commerce is using legal tactics to block national government efforts to reduce smoking in their countries.  For example, under pressure from the US chamber's subsidiary in Ukraine, the government sued Australia's government which mandated changes in cigarette packaging that made them less attractive to consumers.  This was possible under an international trade treaty which prevents national governments from taking actions which are harmful to business interests.  Ukraine does not export tobacco products to Australia; it has no economic interest in the action that it took against Australia.  It was acting as an agent of the US Chamber of Commerce.  Subsidiaries of the US Chamber are active across the globe in blocking government efforts to protect the health of their citizens.  Some of these efforts are described in this article.

The US Chamber of Commerce has also been a major lobbyist for the fossil industries which have fought against the efforts of the Environmental Protection Agency reduce carbon emissions in the US.  Not surprisingly, it has been a major supporter of the Republican Party in the US. Several major corporations have withdrawn from the chamber because of its support for regressive policies.  The US Chamber of Commerce is a national disgrace.  Unfortunately, it is a multinational lobby organization that has no moral principles in its global operations.

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