Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump Turns To GOP Clowns For Help On Tax Policy

Donald Trump has been convinced that his tax policies would be inflationary.  He has done what Republicans usually do when they need economic advice.  He has gone to the conservative think tanks for tax policy advice.  His economic policies will eventually be determined by others.  In this case he has gone to the bottom of the think tank barrel.  He has selected Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore to shape his positions on tax policy.  It would be hard to find two economists who are further to the right than Kudlow and Moore.  Moreover, their records as economic forecasters could hardly be worse.  His choice of economic advisers tells us a lot about the price for ignorance that we will pay if Trump becomes our president.  He does not know enough about policy issues to arm himself with the best available talent in the conservative think tanks.  Moreover,  the advice that he receives will not distinguish his policies from those of his Republican predecessors.  He will end up looking a lot like them if he is elected. 

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