Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Warren Buffet Slams Trump's Business Performance

Warren Buffet is a legendary investor who also supports Hillary Clinton's campaign.  He looked at the performance of  company that Trump took public in 1995 and compared its performance to the performance of a passive stock index since 1995.  Those who invested in DJT would have lost 90% of their investment.  The passive index fund returned 150% over that period.  Trump packaged a handful of his worse performing assets into DJT when he took it public and sold the assets to investors who believed in Trump's magic.  Moreover, Trump received $44 million in compensation for his performance as CEO of DJT.  The Donald understands the old saying that " a sucker is born every minute".  His political campaign has  been based upon that premise.  He has sold himself  to those who believe that he will make life better for them.  A close look at his policies shows that they will do about as well as investors in DJT.  However, Trump's support is not based upon a careful review of his policies.  His supporters are indifferent to any criticisms of their personal savior.  The comments that follow this article include many of them.  Most of them accuse Warren Buffet of bias simply because he has presented an unwelcome fact.  Some even believe that Buffet expects to get favors from Clinton in return for his support.  Buffet is one of the richest people in the world and the great majority of his estate has been left to charity.  They know nothing about the person who they criticize and they don't want to hear anything negative about their idol.

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