Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Has The Press Been Tough On The Donald?

There are lots of reasons why the press is often criticized for a false equivalence when it covers politicians or issues.  For example, despite the overwhelming evidence that human behavior is causing climate change, the press often cites sources that disagree with 97% of the scientific community.  When it comes to politics in Washington the press cannot afford to lose access to politicians from both political parties.  Much of what they report comes from political leaders in both parties.  This time it is very different.  The press has been one sided in its reporting on Trump.  In the first place, they will not lose access to Republican politicians or Party leaders if they are hard on Trump; he has few allies within the Republican Party.  Moreover, so many of his statements are so patently false, and easily invalidated, that the press makes no attempt at false equivalency.  Trump claims that the press is biased against him because it does not follow the usual practice off false equivalency.  He fails to understand that he has provided the press with an opportunity to seriously report on a candidate who is an obvious liar, who cannot support his comments, and who is relatively unprotected by the Republican Party.  We are experiencing a new world of political reporting because of Donald Trump.

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