Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What Might Trump's Concesson Speech Be Like After He Loses Election?

Trump never admits loses at anything unless the contest was unfair.  This is a version of his concession speech that is projected from things that he has already said on the campaign trail.  It is highly unlikely that he would do what those before him have done after losing an election.  He will not congratulate the winner and wish her well in her important new job.  This mock speech is more than funny.

After reading this mock concession speech it seemed to me as the perfect concession speech if Trump decided to harness the millions who voted for him into a new political party.  He just added two new executives to his campaign.  They were recruited from a conservative media site which is not a friend of the Republican Party.  They, along with the deposed head of Fox News, who has also been hired by the Trump campaign, would weaponize a far right conservative party with an experienced propaganda team.  That would devastate the Republican Party.  It would also threaten the Democratic Party if its more  conservative base migrated to Trump's new party.  It would have a profound effect on politics in the US which has effectively operated with a center right party contesting elections against a center left political party.  The presidential candidate who never loses could declare victory rather than defeat by announcing the formation of his America First Party following a rigged election.

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