Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fox News Analyst Resigns From "Progaganda Network"

Fox News is our largest cable news network.  It has built its market share by presenting itself as a conservative network which distinguishes itself from the "liberal" mainstream media.  A retired US Army colonel who has had long history as a Fox commentator on foreign policy and military issues resigned from his position.  In his letter, which was obtained by the NYT, he said that Fox is no longer a conservative news network.  He said that it has become a propaganda network for the Trump administration.  It has joined with the Trump administration in attacking institutions that he has worked with for many years and which he supports.  The Fox attack is against a fictitious "deep state" which includes the FBI, along with US intelligence agencies and other democratic institutions.  The intent is to insulate Trump from evidence and findings which may implicate him in wrong doing.  Fox does this by ignoring evidence from respectable sources and by helping Trump to construct a misleading counter narrative by selecting guest speakers who share Trump's conspiracy theories.

Most of us are not surprised by his views on Fox News and its popular crew which are expert at building an audience by advancing conspiracy theories which are attractive to its target market.  It was somewhat surprising that this critique of Fox News came from a conservative hawk who has been with the network for many years.  He has witnessed the transformation of Fox News from a conservative network to its present state as part of the Trump administration.

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