Thursday, March 29, 2018

Why Repealing The Second Amendment Is Not The Solution

The second amendment to the Constitution does not limit the ability of government to regulate the distribution and type of guns.  The NRA has convinced some of our citizens that efforts to regulate the guns violates their constitutional rights.  That is nonsense and the protesters who marched against guns understand that.  They said nothing about the second amendment.  They focused on the real problem.  The NRA and other super rich supporters of NRA have prostituted many of our politicians. The only workable solution is to vote the prostitutes out of office.

This article, by a constitutional lawyer,  describes government regulations that have been used to regulate guns and that the second amendment does not protect the rights of citizens to possess military weapons like those that have been used in many mass shootings.  Moreover,  many citizens enjoy using guns for hunting and other forms of recreation.  Their rights should be protected while government deals with the use of weapons that are socially harmful.

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