Saturday, March 24, 2018

Two Views On Triump's National Security Team And A Search For An Explanation

Donald Trump selected John Bolton as his National Security Adviser.  He teams up with Mike Pompeo who replaced Rex Tillerson as the head of the State Department.  They are both hawks.  Two analysts on PBS debate Trump's selection of Bolton on this video.  One analyst explains why Bolton is the worse possible choice and the other explains why Bolton was a good choice for Trump.  It is a fairly straight forward debate between two analysts who have different views about the key role the national security adviser.  One believes that he should be an advocate, the other argues that he should help the president to choose between a variety of options that are available to him.  It is an interesting discussion but it may be off point.  Trump has been devoting much of his attention to defusing the Mueller investigation which could lead to impeachment.  Trump could easily end that threat by deciding to use military force to reduce a perceived threat from abroad.  Mueller's investigation of President Trump may not affect Trump's position as our commander in chief during a military engagement.  That could become Trump's last resort if he perceives the knot tightening around his neck from the Mueller investigation.  Trump has a history of using extreme solutions to many of the threats that he has faced in the operation of his businesses and in his personal life.  Nothing is beyond him when he feels threatened.

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