Wednesday, July 4, 2018

All Time Global Heat Records Set While Trump Ignores Problem

This article describes the heat records that have been set across the globe.  While some of the individual records may not be due to global warming, the global pattern of heat records is a consequence of global warming.  This is only the beginning of what we can expect as emissions build up in our atmosphere.  Of course, Republicans led by a president who does not know the difference between the Celsius and Fahrenheit metrics, have placed a global warming denialist, who represented the oil industry interests in his home state of Oklahoma, in charge of dismantling the EPA.  Trump also warmed the hearts of fossil fuel donors to him and the Republican Party by removing the US from the Paris Accord.  He will "Make America Great Again" by doing what he can to destroy our planet.  That is consistent with his efforts to destroy democracy in the US and to lead the populist movement in Europe.  His legacy will be fixed if he can complete his destruction of democracy in the US and accelerate the destruction of our planet.  Unfortunately, his base of true believers will remain on his side.

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