Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Art Of Deception And Donald Trump

Most of us have learned a lot about Donald Trump by watching his performance on the world's greatest stage in the White House.  This video features the author of a book that describes the real Donald Trump.  It was written by a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist before Trump won the GOP primary and eventually the presidency.  He predicted that Trump would present the greatest threat to the Constitution in our recent history because he cannot tolerate bounds on his ability to do whatever he pleases.  He also predicted that he would fill his government with "yes men" because that is how he ran his businesses.  Both of these predictions have been borne out during his presidency.  He wanted to call his book "The Art Of Deception" because he believed that this was Trump's real skill.  The lawyers for his publisher nixed that title to avoid law suits that were sure to come from Trump. Unfortunately, we have learned that it is possible for a master of deception to win a presidential election in the US and that Trump has used this skill to capture an important segment of the voter base that the GOP has cultivated for decades.  Trump is now able to neutralize the Republican controlled congress by turning that base against GOP legislators who are not "yes men".

The video is well done and quite lengthy.  However,  there is more to learn about Trump in this video that will surprise even will informed Trump critics.  For example,  Trump has sold himself as a successful billionaire with a Midas touch.  He has certainly earned a lot of money but his financial success had more to do with the art of deception, and the threat of law suits, than to Trump's business acumen.  The book provides many examples of Trump businesses that were mismanaged because Trump did not really understand how to operate many of his businesses.  He made it worse by putting loyalists in key management positions as he has done during his presidency.  Many of Trump's businesses failed because poor management led to financial ruin.  The US government cannot go out of business like several of Trump's businesses.  However, the damage to our economy, and to our system of governance has been set in motion by many of Trump's policies.  Moreover, the two greatest threats to our existence are nuclear warfare and global warming.  Trump has increased the risk that we face from both of these catastrophes in less than two years in office.

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