Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Russian Organization That Is Responsible For Cyber-Warfare

Mueller indicted 24 Russians who managed the GRU organization that successfully interfered in the US election that put Donald Trump in the White House. The GRU is not even well known in Russia but It has been a critical part of Russian efforts to implement  foreign policy objectives for many years.  Intervention in the US elections has increased awareness of the GRU, but it has been actively involved in implementing Russian foreign policy elsewhere as well.  It encouraged Brexit in the UK and it was active in several recent European elections.  Closer to home, it has been active in Ukraine and in other former USSR republics that border Russia.  Russia has suffered huge losses in several wars from foreign powers that marched through its border states.  It is also not happy with NATO states that defend many of its border states.  Undermining NATO is also one its cyber- warfare objectives.  It is not surprising the Russia used cyber warfare in the US to elect  a president who is not a fan of NATO or the European Union.  Russia's economy is also based upon the export of gas and oil to energy hungry states.  Trump has been a key ally to the Russian economy by supporting the fossil fuel industries in the US and by removing the US from the Paris accord.  Putin helped to put a ally into the White House who shares many of his national interests. 

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