Thursday, August 18, 2011

All of The GOP Candidates Oppose The EPA Plan To Regulate Carbon Emissions

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has become one of the favorite targets of all of the GOP candidates in the primary campaign. It is called a job killer. The science is decried as faulty, and it is linked to the major GOP theme of less government. The sound bytes that they deliver bring big cheers from their base which believes that the earth is 15,000 years old. The candidate with the biggest problems is Mitt Romney. He had proposed bills as the Governor of Massachusetts to limit carbon emissions. His position today is directed at the EPA's program to limit carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act, which gives it the power to regulate pollutants. His position hinges on the definition of "pollutant". He claims that carbon is not a pollutant because it does not cause bodily harm to humans. He must have taken lessons from Bill Clinton who raised questions about the definition of sex in the Monica Lewinsky case. Its pretty clear that GOP messages about global warming and the EPA plays well to its base. It less clear how it will play in the general election. Most American's are more sophisticated than the GOP base.

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