Monday, August 15, 2011

Warren Buffet Tells Us To Stop Coddling the Super Rich

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Warren Buffet is one the worlds richest men. His friend Bill Gates is also very rich, and he has made many of the same arguments made by Buffet in this article. Our major problem is that most Americans that don't read the NY Times, and they get most of their information about tax policy from those who are good at distorting the information. Every American should be given the opportunity to read this article by Buffet. He loves the America in which he was given the opportunity to become successful. It was a very different America than the one that we have today in terms of tax policy. We have been living through 40 years of class warfare against the middle class, in which the tax burden has been shifted to them from the super rich. Their hired guns in the GOP, including some Democrats, have called any plan to restore their contribution to running this country class warfare. They argue that the rich won't invest or work as hard if they pay their historical share of the tax burden that existed when the country was prospering. Buffet claims that this is nonsense. Americans should understand that there has been class warfare, but it has been against the middle class.

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