Saturday, August 6, 2011

London School of Economics Debates Keynes and Hayec

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The London School of Economics hosted a debate on Keynes versus Hayec. The debate is critiqued in this article. The thrust of the critique is that Keynes's views were distorted in the debate and an effort is made to present his real positions on the issues that were discussed.

The debate was interesting, and it reflects increased interest in both Keynes and Hayec,that has resulted from concerns about how to deal with our current economic problems. In general, I think that many of the criticisms about Keynes and his ideas are distortions of his real positions. I agree, however, with one of the comments posted about this article, that the real cause of our current problems is the result of the dominance of the ideas on macroeconomics, and the economics of finance, that come from the University of Chicago's economics department. Hayec, and the Austrian School of economics have had much less influence than the Chicago economists.

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