Friday, February 28, 2014

Armed Soldiers With No Identification Insignia Arrive In Crimea

Events in Crimea are moving at a rapid pace.  The two major airports in the region are being patrolled by military personnel wearing uniforms with no national insignia.  It is believed that they are Russian soldiers and they are being cheered by Pro-Russian factions.  Officials in Crimeria, who believe that the deposed president was corrupt, want more autonomy from the central government in Kiev.  The former president Yanukovych is rumored to be in Russia.  He has few supporters left in Ukraine.  There is also a concern among Tartars in Crimea the they will be a target of Pro-Russian's who do not support the manner in which the corrupt leader was forced out of office.  As one might expect, efforts to determine who is in charge of the government in Kiev are not amenable to normal democratic processes.

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