Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Obama Creates Climate Hubs To Help Farmers To Cope With Climate Change

The Republican Party can be defined as the Anti-Obama Party.  It is against everything that the president proposes.  Two of the president's initiatives have been healthcare reform and limiting global warming.  The GOP's has no real proposals for healthcare reform.  It is the Anti-Obamacare Party.  Similarly, the GOP has no interest in global warming.  It has taught its base that it does not exist, or that it is not caused by human behavior.  Consequently, the president has been forced to take small steps to reduce global warming by using the authority of the EPA to take actions that do not require congressional action.  He is using his executive authority to create a new program that will help farmers deal with consequences of a warming and shifting climate.  Drought and shifting weather patterns have been harmful to the agricultural industry.  The climate hubs that he has authorized will help farmers, who primarily live in Republican states to cope with climate change.  The Republican Party can't help them to solve a problem that they believe to be a fantasy.  Perhaps they will warm up to a president who understands their problems and is willing to help them to deal with climate change.

There are two approaches to dealing with climate change.  One approach is to limit carbon emissions, the other is to limit the impact of changes in the climate that are already underway.  The president is doing what he can on both fronts without support from Congress.

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