Friday, February 7, 2014

Its Not A Good Idea For US Diplomat To Say F..K The EU And Have It Made Public

The US diplomat responsible for relationships with Europe was having a discussion with a representative from Ukraine about some of the issues that has it has been facing.  She was unhappy with the efforts that EU officials have been making on behalf of Ukraine and uttered the F word.  It was recorded and released by Russia.  Apparently, NSA is not the only organization capable of spying on private communications. 

The major point of this article, however, is not about spying.  The US diplomats undiplomatic comment was not welcomed in Europe.  It comes on top of revelations about NSA spying on government leaders in Europe and it raises questions in Europe about how much it can trust the US.  This decline is trust comes at a bad time.  The US and Europe are in the middle of negotiations about a new trade agreement. 

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