Tuesday, January 20, 2015

French TV Show Satirizes Fox News

Fox News provides ample opportunities for The Daily Show in the US to satirize Fox New.  A French TV show, which ordinarily draws its material from France,  did a good imitation of The Daily Show in Paris.  It made fun of a Fox News report which promoted one of the popular themes that it feeds to to a segment of its audience.  Fox reported that there were regions in England and in France controlled by Muslims which only Muslims dared to enter.  Since 9/11 Fox has been conducting its own crusade against Islam.  This supports US military intervention in the Mid-East and it appeals to those in its audience who believe that President Obama is a Muslim from Kenya who wants to establish sharia law in the US. (Yes they exist in America.) The French TV show may start a trend in Europe. Fox News, which is essentially a propaganda operation that promotes its owner's economic and political interests,  is a fertile source of satire.

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