Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Republican Party No Longer Hates France

The Republican Party didn't have anything good to say about France when its government failed to support the Bush Administration's rationale for invading Iraq.  They exploited all of the stereotypes about France held by the "Ugly Americans"  in their political base. Dana Milbank reminds us of their cultural warfare against France in this article.  They went well beyond suggesting that we rename French Fries.  The Republican Party's hypocrisy about France is on full display in its effort to exploit the unfortunate terrorist attack in Paris.  They are critical of the Obama Administration for not sufficiently demonstrating our solidarity with France.  The GOP political base hates Islam more than it hates French Fries.  The Republican Party has joined forces with right wing political parties in Europe who are also exploiting the tragedy in Paris. One member of the House from Texas even compared Obama to Hitler. The Obama Administration's response to the tragedy shows that it is weak in the war against Islamic terrorism.  Fox News, and many of the potential GOP presidential candidates are more interested in exploiting  the administration's response to the tragedy than they are to tragedy itself.  They seldom waste a political opportunity.

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