Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inclusive Capitalism As The New Democratic Platform

This article provides an overview of Inclusive Capitalism.  The intent is to change the rules of capitalism that have been modified over the last 35 years to redistribute income and wealth to the top of the income pyramid.  The Republican Party, which now has control of Congress, will not enact any of the changes in the system that they have been instrumental in crafting since the Reagan Administration.  Inclusive Capitalism is directed towards the economic interests of the middle class which has been struggling to maintain its standard of living.  It will become the new platform for the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections.  The Republican Party will have to shift its strategy to deal with very concrete proposals that will be recognized as benefits to middle class voters.  White middle class voters have abandoned the Democratic Party for a variety of reasons.  They have done so, to some extent, by appealing to social issues which have been the key ingredients in its form of populism that is embodied in the Tea Party.  Inclusive Capitalism, may be a more a more successful form of populism.  It clearly differentiates the Democratic Party from the Republican Party on economic issues which are understandable to middle class voters.  At the very least, the Republican Party will find it more difficult to continue with its form of income redistribution to the very rich.

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