Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reagan's Budget Director on Obama

"Obama’s presidency is a profound disappointment. So far, he’s proven that when Republican’s start elective wars, Democrats can’t end them; when Republicans empty the Treasury, Democrats can’t replenish it; when Republicans put a middle-class destroying money printer at the head of the Fed, Democrats reappoint him; and when the Republicans unleash an orgy of dangerous speculation on Wall Street, Democrats pass a contentless, 2,300 page, enabling act which will do nothing to protect Main Street from another financial meltdown, even as it keeps K Street fully employed."

What's interesting about his answer is that he faults the GOP for creating the mess that we are in and he faults Obama for not taking the necessary steps to clean up the mess. This is the kind of criticism that we typically hear from progressive Democrats and not from influential Republicans. I think that this wing of the GOP has been purged from the party.

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