Saturday, November 30, 2013

Charles Krauthammer Redefines Honesty At The Washington Post

Charles Krauthammer is provided a platform by the Washington Post to report on politics and world affairs.  He is also a regular on TV news shows.  He is also completely dishonest.  This post provides a good example of his dishonesty.  In 2005 a Republican senator proposed a change to Senate rules that would prevent the Democrats from using the filibuster against judicial nominees proposed by the Bush Administration.  Krauthammer wrote a strong article in favor of the change.  In 2013, the same Charles Krauthammer, used some of the same rhetoric that he used in his 2005 article, to attack Democrats for making changes in Senate rules that would prevent Republicans from using the filibuster to block judicial nominees proposed by the Obama Administration.  In other words the filibuster is a good thing when it used by Republicans, but it is a bad thing when it used by Democrats.  Its understandable that the Washington Post employs conservatives like George Will, Robert Samuelson and Charles Krauthammer to provide a conservative perspective on the news.  It is not acceptable, however, for the Post to employ reporters who are completely dishonest in their reporting.  We don't need another Fox News in America. 

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